S.T.E.P.S. in the Right Direction, Inc is proud of the support that we receive. About 90 percent of our funding comes from grants from foundations and local and state government.

We are also supported by an ever-growing number of people who have made donations of time and money to support our work.

Join the ranks of donors and volunteers now!

  Funders includes:
Miami-Dade County
Miami-Dade County encompasses more than 2,000 square miles (larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware). One-third of Miami-Dade County is located in Everglades National Park. It is located along the southeast tip of the Florida peninsula. In 2006 it had a population of 2,402,208. 51.4% of Miami-Dade County residents are foreign-born and about 14.5% of families and 18.0% of the population are below the poverty line.Read More...
Alliance for Aging, Inc
Incorporated in 1988, the Alliance for Aging was designated by the State of Florida in 1989 as the Area Agency on Aging for Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. Operating funds are received through federal, state and local grants, as well as private donations from individuals, corporations and special initiatives.A wide range of services valued in excess of $60 million is provided locally to older people through a network of local agencies such as us here at S.T.E.P.S. in the Right Direction, Inc. Read More...
The Children's Trust
The Children"s Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County by making strategic investments in their future. The Trust encourages creative approaches to coordinating, integrating and funding services across and within the areas of health, safety, development and to promote increased parental and community involvement on behalf of all our children and The Trust stresses outcome measurements for all approved grants. Read More...
Florida KidCare Assistance
  Florida KidCare Assistance is our state’s children’s health insurance program for uninsured children under age 19. Read More...
State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs
The Florida Department of Elder Affairs is the agency constitutionally designated by Florida voters to "serve as the primary state agency" responsible for administering human services programs for the elderly. (Section 430.03 Florida Statutes). Its purpose is to serve elders in all aspect possible ways to help them keep their self-sufficiency and self-determination. Read More...


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